Texas A&M Aggie Cookies

IMG_2329tHowdy gang!  Today’s post is about my second run in with royal icing!  This past week I spent a decent amount of time researching the basics of royal icing.  Here are just a few tips I discovered from different tutorials!

The Reveille/Collie cookie cutter was purchased at cheapcookiecutters.com.  Check this site out if you have unusual or specific cookie cutter needs!

Tutorials I watched were by Julia M. Usher.  I found her youtube videos to be most informative and a great use of my time!  😀  Check her out!

Tips I Learned this week:

  • Use an embossing dryer to dry the top of you iced cookies to prevent areas of cratering.
  • To prevent clumps when using meringue powder, dissolve it first in the required amount of water. (don’t just dump it in with the powdered sugar)
  • Let a flooded cookie dry for at least 12 hours for a better finished surface to prevent damage while adding details or color bleed.
  • If you make a mistake in a design, let it dry first then gently dust it off with a needle or pastry brush.
  • Air in the icing is bad and can cause bubbles that dry and pop, making a hole.  Use a needle or toothpick to pop any bubbles hiding in the icing before it dries.
  • Add water a teaspoon at a time to get a thinner consistency.
  • Let you cookies fully dry on a baking rack as opposed to a container with a lid.  This can make the cookie soggy and loose it’s crunch. (I put mine in a large flat basket and covered with paper towels.)

I took some photos of the imperfections that I found in a few of my cookies.


A sneaky bubble that I missed left a small hole in the surface of my cookie!


A bubble on the tip of the heart and 2 craters caused by being bumped after the icing started to set.  You can also see cratering along the left edge.

Here are just a few more photos:



Notice the difference in color from the photo below. This photo shows the cookies after only about 30 minutes of drying. The fully dry cookies have a much darker icing.



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