The Liebster Award


Each nominee must have under 200 followers.
Thank and link to the nominating blog.
Answer their 10 questions and propose 10 new ones for your nominees.
Nominate a few blogs and tell them that they’ve been nominated.
Write a post containing the questions.
Include these rules in the post.

I was nominated for The Liebster Award by  Thank you my dear for your nomination! 🙂  I’m still a newbie to blogging!  It’s been great fun so far!

Here are the questions I was asked:

1) The world would end in exactly 10 mins. You have time for 3 phone calls. Who do you call?

Mom, Dad, Husband

2) There are 7 visible colors in a rainbow. If you had to eliminate one color, which one would it be?

Considering we can still make more colors with the 3 primary colors I would get rid of orange.  🙂  This might be cheating…lol

3) You have died and are standing at the reincarnation station. Unfortunately, there are only 2 options available today. To be Poor, Homeless and Wise or extremely Rich, Powerful and Stupid. Which one will you choose?

Poor and wise.

4) Which scenario best suits you? A Cabana on the pristine secluded beach or a Penthouse apartment in a giant metropolis.

Definitely the beach.  I love being outside in open spaces!  

5) Imagine for an instance you are Noah, with only room for one more pair of species. But in the confusion you have forgotten to include dogs and cats, which do you let in?

DOGS DOGS DOGS DOGS DOGS!!! Without question!

6) Which do you prefer? A mediocre T-Bone Steak with all the trimmings or an amazing Hot Dog with French Fries.

Hot Dog all the way!  You just can’t beat a classic hot dog sometimes.  For me this is a very nostalgic food!

7) Which of the following best describe your character? Aung San Suu Kyi, Vladimir Putin, The Dalai Lama or Homer Simpson.

I’d say a mix between Dalai Lama and Homer Simpson.  

8) Earth is on a collision course with a massive asteroid. There is room for just one more volunteer for what is almost definitely a suicide mission to save the planet. Do you stay here and hope for the best or take charge of your own destiny?

I would probably go for it.

9) For some bizarre reason, the Government of your country decided to ration light bulbs. You are only allowed one per household. Which room gets the light?

The kitchen.

10) On the island of Bermuda there are 9 parishes. First is St. George which includes St. David’s (the very best part). There are 8 others whose name I don’t recall at this time. Which part is the best?

St. David’s?  Sadly, I’ve never been.

Here are my nominees:

Here are the questions I’m asking you:

1)  If you could own any type of farm in the world what kind would it be?  Chickens, corn, vineyard, etc.

2)  Would you rather have the gift of breathing underwater or flying?

3)  What would your last meal be?

4)  What is something you have always wanted to learn how to cook or prepare in the kitchen but haven’t?

5)  If you could have 1 exotic animal as a pet what would it be?  What would you name it?

6)  Would you rather go on a 1 week safari in Africa or a 2 week ski trip in Colorado?

7)  What is your favorite feature about yourself?  Hair, sense of humor, etc.

8)  If you could change any major event in history would you do it?  If so, what would you change?

9)  Sweet or Unsweet cornbread?

10)  If your kitchen could talk, what would it tell you?


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