Kenny & Ziggy’s Delicatessen- Houston, Texas


I’d like to share one of my most recent restaurant experiences in Houston, Texas.  I’ve mentioned my love for sandwiches multiple times on my blog.  Well, Kenny & Ziggy’s Delicatessen is the Mount Olympus of sandwich places.  It is a palace of deli meats and traditional deli fare.  The entire building, along with every detail pays homage to the classic New York delis of old.

Kenny and Ziggy’s

The walls are lined with old Play Bills and celebrity caricatures.  There are plenty of glass counters to peruse while your tummy growls.

One thing that impressed me right off the bat was the extensive and mammoth menus.  Not only are the menus the size of a small road map, it is filled with a vast array of options!  Everything from sandwiches, burgers, breakfasts, cakes, soups, etc!  This list was never ending!  The burger and sandwich names were entertaining to read as they were named after movies and old catchphrases from show biz.

Make sure you walk into this place hungry!  $18 might sound steep for a turkey club sandwich but here’s the deal.  This sandwich will be the size of a small hubcap and it will be served with a pitchfork size pile of sweet potato fries or whatever side item you choose.  When they brought out my club sandwich I couldn’t believe how big it was.  It was big enough to share with 3 moderately hungry people.

The hubby’s burger was just as big as my sandwich!  He had no trouble knocking the entire thing out though! lol

The food was amazing!  The burger was juicy and hand made.  The club was made with premium thick cut bacon and the turkey was freshly carved!  We ordered both onion rings and sweet potato fries.  Hands down, order those dang sweet potato fries, they are delicious!  They are thin cut and crispy as can be!

You could easily share any of the plates in this place.  I think the next time we go we will end up sharing an order to make room for one of the fabulous desserts.

Even though we were stuffed like firm pillows, we still ordered a piece of carrot cake to go.  It was a great decision.  The carrot cake was perfect in every way.  #marypoppins  🙂

In Houston but you only want dessert?  This would also be a great “dessert only” stop!  As I mentioned earlier there are tons of glass counters to peruse.  Most of these house decadent cheesecakes, pastries, and cakes!

Below are some of the photos I took in between bites! 🙂

If y’all ever find yourself in Houston, Texas, you’ve got to make time for this stop.







The above photo shows the owner, Ziggy.  He is featured in a documentary about classic deli life called, Deli Man.




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