The most heavenly breakfast pizza ever!

11035474_10101701983837885_5832516423832611364_nWe had breakfast for dinner and my oh my was it delicious!  Bacon, feta, spinach, red pepper, and mozzarella with a Tabasco glazed crust.  Delicious!  I used the Stuffed Crust Pizza Recipe but omitted the stuffed crust part!   🙂  A reminder that you only need 1 HOUR for this perfect dough to be oven ready!

If you split the dough you can make two, 14 inch pizzas!  The one pictured is one of two that I made!  🙂  Sprinkle the crust with extra garlic powder and then brush Tabasco sauce and olive oil on the crust before baking.

This is basically a flat bread breakfast pizza.  The left overs tasted just as good as the night before!

Hint!  If you put raw egg on the pizza you will need to lower the cooking temperature to 375* as the eggs can turn into a plastic like texture!  That was a fun experience that I hope you don’t have to partake in! haha 🙂


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