Cuban Sandwich- The Cubano


Sandwiches are one of those delightful comforts in life that I take f
ull advantage of when going out to restaurants or even in my own kitchen.  People have often given me a hard time for ordering sandwiches at fancy restaurants.  I’ve been compared to an old man that only eats country club fare.  That may be in part because I like to eat my meals earlier than most folks.  🙂  Oh well, an old man I shall remain.

When I bite into a good sandwich.  Immediately, I can hear Tina Turner singing, “You’re Simply the Best!”

One of my favorite sandwiches is the Cubano, or Cuban. It has actually been fairly hard to come by at restaurants here in Texas.  I first discovered this sandwich in Florida after graduating from college.  After I earned my degree I was lucky enough to become a Disney World Intern for 12 months in Orlando, FL.  It was a great experience!  Florida brought about a lot of new foods for me to try.  Florida has a lot of different cultures which therefore means a lot of different cuisines! 🙂  Many restaurants included Cuban and Puerto Rican dishes which were AMAZING.  My favorite dish is the plain ole Cubano.

I know, I know!  Of all the things to pick from!  This sandwich is the item I liked best out of all the things I tried!  Don’t get me wrong there are some great meat and grain dishes but this sandwich…we became BFFs at first bite!  When done right, the meat is carved fresh and hot off the carcass!  That’s no simple feat!  Not many places will fix you a sandwich like this.  It’s a lot of work to go through the process of roasting a pork roast and sweet ham!  All that work for a sandwich!  Well, a true Cubano is worth all that work.  As I said earlier this sandwich is hard to find here.  In fact I’ve only found one Cubano sandwich on a menu since I moved back to Texas.  It was at a hotel in Dallas, and I enjoyed every drip of meaty juice, every hot piece of stringy cheese, and every smudge of mustard that plate had to offer.  (I did sacrifice a bite or two so the hubby could experience sandwich heaven.)

A traditional Cuban is made on Cuban bread with sliced pork roast, sliced sweet ham, Swiss cheese, mustard, and pickle slices.  That’s it.  I have seen it with Provolone but I prefer the imported Swiss.  🙂



Here is my humble version of a Cubano.  For best results, roast some pork and bake a fresh ham.  🙂  If you have the time of course. 😛


-French Bread or Cuban White Bread (I searched my town and called a few places, no Cuban bread:-( )

-yellow mustard

-4 slices of Sweet baked ham (sliced on a 2 at the deli)

-6 slices of roast beef or pork (sliced on a 1 at the deli)

-CLAUSSEN sandwich pickles (Claussen is the only brand I buy.  They are in the refrigerated section.  They stay cold from the day they are harvested.)

-fresh cracked black pepper

-4 imported Swiss cheese, (sliced on a 1 at the deli)


Heat a sandwich press or a griddle to medium high heat.

Cut off the ends of the bread with a diagonal slice.  Cut 2, 6 in. pieces off the bread.  Slice each one open so that you now have a top and bottom.

Butter the outside of the top and bottom pieces of bread.  Do not butter the inside.

Spread of squirt mustard on the inside the bottom pieces.

Lay 2-3 pickles on top of the mustard.

Crack fresh black pepper over the pickles.

Put 2 slices of cheese on the top pieces.

In a skillet, heat the ham and roast beef until it is extremely hot.

Quickly pat dry the meat to get about half the juice off.  Then transfer the meat onto the cheese.

Close both sandwiches and cook on the griddle or in a sandwich press.  You might have to do one sandwich at a time if your press is too small.








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