Roasted Poblano and Sausage Deep Dish Pizza- Tried it and Liked it


Last night was round 2 at our house for pizza!  I tried this Deep Dish Pizza recipe which was delicious.  If you have flour, yeast, salt, oil, a skillet, and an oven you can make this pizza!

I happened upon this recipe while researching different styles of pizza crusts.  It stood out to me and I knew I had to try it.  There was a lot of helpful information about the process of making dough and pizza.  Below I have shared the informative post as well as a link directly to the recipe.  I highly recommend reading the post to learn helpful tips on how to make you pizza a success.

I will say that I was slightly disappointed in the pizza as I had very very high expectations about the structure and texture of the crust.  However,  my oven did not reach the recommended baking temperature of 550*F which no doubt had an effect on the crispiness of the crust.  The recipe made comparisons with Pizza Hut’s deep dish pizza, so my expectations were considerably different from what actually came out of my oven.

Though I didn’t get what I was expecting, I did yield 2 delicious pizzas which I certainly would make again in the future using the same recipe!

My husband says this pizza was delicious but that he preferred the Stuffed Crust Recipe which I shared earlier this week, but I honestly loved both of these pizza recipes equally!

For my toppings I used freshly grill roasted Poblano peppers and a red bell peppers, italian sausage, onion, basil, and pepper jack cheese.  AMAZING combination!  It really paid off to grill the peppers!

The recipe calls for a skillet, but does mention you can use a round cake pan.  I chose to do one of each so I could see the difference.  The taste ended up being the same but the cake pan pizza’s outer crust was harder and not as enjoyable as the skillet pizza.    If you have a choice, use the skillet.  The pizzas are only about 10-12 inches big by the way.  The good thing about this recipe is you can save half of the dough to make a pizza on another day for up to 3 days!

Try it out for yourself!  20150210_195739

Original Post:

Original Recipe:

Recommended toppings:

Fresh roasted Poblano peppers and red bell pepper, Italian sausage, onion, and pepper jack cheese. 🙂  Divine!




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