Mr. Waddles’ Birthday Carrot Cake


Mr. Waddles’ Birthday falls on Christmas Eve.  I completely forgot to share his “carrot cake” that I made for his 1st birthday party!  Get it….Carrot….Cake??  Hahaha!  I know, I’m too funny!  And yes, we had a party for him but it was mainly an excuse to have guests over for dinner and drinks.  We did have a cake celebration for him in there somewhere.   🙂 Waddles’ loves carrots and peanut butter more than any other food in the pantry or fridge except perhaps maybe a steak but he can keep on dreaming!  We fill his Kong bone with carrots and peanut butter at least twice a day.  This kid is spoiled.

When we learned that dogs could eat carrots we were thrilled to stop buying boxes of dog biscuits or “cookies”.  Carrots are super super super duper cheap and healthy!  We use these as training treats and rewards!  For training treats I cut the carrots into little dime size pieces which he still loves but they won’t fill his tummy up too fast.  When it came time for a birthday treat I had to give the little man what he wanted, carrots and peanut butter.

All I did was trim the bottom off baby carrots to make them level and the same length.  Then I stood the carrots up on a plate in a cylindrical arrangement and tied them with a string.  Lastly I slapped some peanut butter on there and a candle!  Voila! Carrot Cake!

We let him pose for a photo with the candle lit but he just couldn’t sit still with a glorious pile of goodies in front of him so we had to blow the candle out.


I wouldn’t recommend giving your dog the whole carrot cake in one sitting.  We only let Waddles’ have 2 carrots.  He was mortified when we starting taking the plate away to put the rest in the fridge!  20150107_191412Waddles’ struggles to stay seated while his carrots are being untied.


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