Willy Burger in Beaumont, Texas



We traveled down to southeast Texas for a second time this month and stopped by one of the best burger joints in Texas, Willy Burger!

This place is definitely off the beaten path in Beaumont, Texas.  We heard about it through the grape vine and decided to give it a try.

When we walked up to the door I could tell we were going to love this place!  The inside was modeled just like an old fashioned soda shop with a 50s vibe.  The entire place was squeaky clean and vibrant with color!

The menu features many specialty burgers, hot dogs, onion rings, and milk shakes!  They make their beef patties fresh every single day!  You can even watch the patties being made through a display window while you wait in line!

I chose the “Booty Burger” which is a normal cheese burger that is topped with a fried boudain patty!  It was so huge I was only able to eat half of it!  I thought it was delicious!  The hubby got the “Uncle Charlie” which has 3 strips of bacon, 3 crispy onion rings, and is topped off with BBQ sauce, all on a beef patty!  Walk in hungry y’all!  These burgers are huge!

The restaurant is just as awesome as the food!  There is a streamline trailer attached to the side of the restaurant that has been remodeled as a dinning area.  You walk through a small hallway of pennies to get in!  Pretty neat!

We were pleased with the atmosphere, the service, and the quality of the food!  I highly recommend this if you are passing through Beaumont, TX on your way to Louisiana!









4 thoughts on “Willy Burger in Beaumont, Texas

    • I have family further east but we stop by in Beaumont to grab a bite to eat on occasion! There is a pizza joint right next door called Crown Pizza that also has rave reviews! We will definitely try that out next time!


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