Crawfish, Painting, and Mardi Gras Vodka

10460704_10101656009306215_7273913930887269691_nLast weekend we took a nice little road trip to southeast Texas and Louisiana!  I just wanted to share some fun moments from our visit!

As you can tell Mr. Waddles was thrilled!  He actually loves car rides and insists on riding in the driver’s lap at all times.  🙂

We took this trip to visit family, eat some food, and paint some puppies!

16686_10153083198894283_4293021621853451830_n (1)

Crawfish is one of our favorite seasonal delights and we are lucky enough to get it a few times a year down in Lake Charles, Louisiana.  The restaurant we always choose to visit if called Steam Boat Bill’s.  People drive in from all over, especially across the Texas border to enjoy this family friendly seafood/creole restaurant!  It’s absolutely delicious and super efficient for the giant crowds of people that come in!  It’s right off the main highway!  This stop has fried rolls, gumbo, po boys, catfish, crab, crab cakes, crawfish, boiled and fried shrimp, and the list goes on!  All of their food is top notch!  We love their crawfish because they are extremely spicy and are ALWAYS cooked perfectly!  The meat should slide out of the shell when you pinch the tip of the tail!  That’s a good way to tell if they are cooked perfectly! 🙂  You also have to suck the juice out of the heads for extra flavor!  Ok, you don’t have too but a real cajun does! 🙂


On our way home from stuffing our faces with almost 10 pounds of crawfish, we absolutely had to stop at Misse’s Grocery/Bakery to pick up a cream cheese King Cake in Sulphur, Louisiana!  This store has dozens of different King Cakes to choose from like peanut butter and chocolate to strawberry cream cheese, and praline pecan.  We chose a classic cream cheese to bring back with us to Texas.

Now let’s talk about that bottle on the right in the photo.  When we were checking out at Misse’s Grocery our eyes fell upon King Cake flavored Vodka.  Well, we of course had to purchase a bottle!  My husband and I ended up opening it on Super Bowl Sunday and it was delicious!  I will be making Mardi Gras King Cake Balls early next week that will feature this vodka!  🙂

My mom signed both of us up for a paint your pet class at the Stark Museum of Art.  We arrived not realizing that we would be painting abstract paintings of our pets as opposed to realistic paintings.  It was very overwhelming because neither one of us had mentally prepared for this type of painting.  As you can see my mom decided to be a rebel and paint a realistic portrait of her Jack Russel, Elly!  🙂  She went rouge on me while I followed directions to pick out crazy colors!  Anyways we had lots of fun!

10422957_10101656220208565_7486767503135164022_nAs soon as we returned from our trip I had to go straight into the kitchen and begin preparing those delicious BBQ sliders I shared earlier this week!  🙂

Stay tuned for my Mardi Gras Vodka King Cake Balls!


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