Tzatziki Fennel Grilled Chicken


Chicken time y’all!  Last night I grilled these drummies up after they had a 24 hour marinating spa treatment!  Drummies, also known as drumsticks by less playful people, are an easy affordable dish to make for a big group of people or simply a planned left over dish.  I’m sure many of y’all out there occasionally plan meals to have leftovers the next night or two.  We are a big fan of leftovers because frankly it’s less work, saves money, and gives us more free time in the evenings.  I need not mention less dishes to wash each night! 🙂  This dish could be baked but I strongly recommended grilling it if you have the time!

Anyways, I briefly saw a recipe that involved Greek yogurt as a marinade for chicken and decided I’d try my own take on it.  I already had Tzatziki dip  in the fridge that was struggling to find purpose in life after being ignored for 3 days.  Poor Tzatziki dip.  🙂  No worries!  I used it to lather up some drumsticks that I had seasoned up with spices and herbs.  The aroma of this marinade was incredibly pleasant!  I let the chicken marinate for 24 hours then slapped them onto the top rack of the grill at 400°F for about 45-50 minutes.

I hope you’ll try this out!  This chicken has a very floral and herb flavor!



– 7-8 chicken drumsticks with skin

– 1 cup of Tzatziki dip

– Fennel seeds

– Paprika

– Chili powder

– Cayenne

– Fresh Basil, chopped

– Cilantro, dried flakes

– Salt and Pepper

– Extra Virgin Olive Oil

– Juice of 2 Limes




– Pat dry each drumstick using paper towels.

-Put the drumsticks in a large mixing bowl.

– Make 2 small cuts across each drumstick.

– Sprinkle all dry ingredients on both sides of the each drumstick and rub into the cuts. Go easy on the Cayenne, use just a dash.

– Scoop in the Tzatziki dip & lime juice and use a large wooden spoon to mix the chicken around in the dip mixture.  Refrigerate over night.

– Before grilling, lay chicken out on a pan to let excess marinade drip off.  Drizzle a small amount of olive oil across the top of each drumstick.

*Note: I added an extra dash of some of the herbs. 🙂

– Grill on the top rack or off to the side if you don’t have a top rack at 400°F for 45-50 minutes.  You are looking for a 175-180°F internal temperature.  Flip after about 20 minutes.

Serve immediately or wrap in foil if you need to keep it hot to prepare other dishes.  Enjoy!



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