Turkey Fried Turkey


Turkey Fried Turkey with gravy and a Greek salad!!!  Try this new alternative to Chicken Fried Chicken!!  I had fried turkey once before at our annual prestigious Texas Renaissance Festival and was longing for it a few months ago.  The Texas Renaissance Festival happens for a few months in the fall then closes up shop until next year.  Their food….is divine.

If you are ever visiting Texas near Houston in the Fall…check this place out!  Trust me it’s a full day’s worth of fun, food, and drinks! http://www.texrenfest.com/


I made this recipe some time ago, but completely forgot to share!  It was indeed delicious yet definitely a labor of love.  I soaked a boneless turkey breast in buttermilk then battered it up and fried like a chicken fried chicken.  It was rich and crispy.

Now let’s go back to that labor of love part.  When I purchased the turkey I was wanting the equivalent to boneless chicken breasts but all I could find was a boneless turkey that was clearly meant be roasted in it’s kitchen twine.  I’ll make it work I thought.  Well I made it work and IT made ME work in return.  The roast of course is made of an assortment of different chunks of meat that are pressed together with a twine netting and then frozen.  This of course meant a longer thawing process because it was so dense.  The next cause for aggravation were the oddly shaped chunks of meat.  Cutting the turkey into fillets was a real pain in the butt y’all!  Some of the meat was great for cutting, without tendons and junk in the way.  Most of the meat was hard to cut into nice fillets because it was almost shredded.

Prep work aside.  The meal was delicious and if you are lucky enough to find nice big raw turkey breasts at your grocery this will be a simple dish!  I took the long way around the pound, over the river, through the woods, down in the bayou…you know all the stuff you do to make something work.  I had to share this “struggle bus” experience because the end results were totally worth all the effort.  The good thing is, if you can find the right meat you can totally skip the mini cutting battle that ensued in my kitchen on that fateful day and reap the rewards without breaking a sweat.  🙂  Happy frying y’all!



-1lb Turkey breast fillets, raw

-1 1/2 cups flour

-1/2 cup Parmesan, grated

-1 tbsp fresh black pepper

-3 eggs

– salt and pepper (for marinade)

-3 cups buttermilk, or enough to cover you meat in a dish

-vegetable oil


Tenderize both sides of the turkey fillets to flatten out to about 1/2 inch thick.

Pat dry the turkey with a paper towel, season both sides with salt and pepper.  Place each piece of seasoned turkey in a casserole dish filled with buttermilk.  Let the turkey marinate for at least 12 hours.

Set up a frying station.  Bowl of beaten eggs.  Bowl with dry first 4 dry ingredients.  Plate with a stack of paper towels for laying hot fried turkey fillets down.

Heat a cast iron skillet up with 1/2 vegetable oil filling the bottom on medium high heat.

Toss the turkey into the egg until fully coated then into the flour mixture until fully coated.

Fry in small batches of 3-4.  Slip turkey into the oil using long tongs.

Cook time will vary dramatically depending on how thick or thin the turkey is.  I cooked mine 3/4 of the way on one side before flipping over to complete cooking process.  This took about 10-12 minutes.  If you are unsure of the cook time.  Try one piece out to test.

Plate the Turkey Fried Turkey and serve with gravy of your choice or honey mustard!  🙂



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