The two men in my life, but mainly the dog.


The proximal beggar.

Pictured above are the two men in my life.  My husband is the one with the red bushy beard and the small furry one on the right is Mr. Waddles.  I just thought I would share a little bit about these two as they will eventually start appearing in more posts.  🙂

These two fellas take full advantage of my passion for cooking.  My husband eats everything and so does Mr. Waddles.  I’d have to say Mr. Waddles takes the cake on the “eats everything” claim.  He has been known to devour several crayons, an entire sock, rocks, chalk, stuffed animals, towels, bedding, etc.

Mr. Waddles is persistently the best, yet unintended taste tester for all of my dishes.  He always…ALWAYS finds a way to snatch a taste.  He is very quick and sneaky.


Mr. Waddles moving in for the snatch.


On this particular occasion Mr. Waddles got caught stealing croutons from a salad while I was in the other room.


He absolutely loves eating plants….

Mr. Waddles is our fur baby and is a mix between a toy Poodle and a Yorkshire terrier.  He is always by my side and I’m sure it’s because I’m “the lady with food” in his mind.  Not yet a year old, he is still an energetic young pup!

You might have noticed his eyes.  Yes, he has human like yellow eyes as opposed to the typical dark brown eyes most dogs seem to have.  These “crazy” eyes have made for some pretty interesting facial expressions.  He has mastered the stare as you can see below.


This dog is so strange sometimes.


I was sitting next to this window in the back yard enjoying a sandwich. Mr. Waddles decided to relocate to a better begging spot.


Mr. Waddles absolutely loves puppuccinos from Starbucks!



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