Homemade Butter


This recipe for homemade butter is a great place to start your journey to making stuff from scratch!  I learned how to do this in the 2nd grade!  If you have some heavy whipping cream and a mason jar, then you can make your own fresh butter!  You can also use a food processor instead of a mason jar to save your arm muscles!


– 1 cup of Heavy Whipping Cream (VERY COLD)

– 1/2 teaspoon of Salt



Pour the cold cream into the mason jar and add the salt.

Seal the jar tightly with the lid.

Shake continuously, alternating between both hands for 15 minutes.   Or use a food processor!

First you will hear a sloshing sound as you shake.

Next you will hear very little, as the cream has turned to a paste like consistency.  The paste is not butter, so keep shaking.

Finally as you shake, the fat and liquid will separate fairly quickly.  You should hear a thud as you shake, this is a hunk of butter.

So if you have a ball of yellow butter sitting in a milky liquid, you my friend have made butter!

Pour the liquid out and shape the butter to you liking!  You can put it in silicon molds or just place on a dish and set in the fridge to fully solidify!

I think we can all agree that fresh is always the best way to go in the kitchen.  Too often I have people tell me that they “don’t have time” to make stuff from scratch or they think it might be too hard.  Now I will agree some of the things I have been learning to make have taken me over the river and through the woods to arrive at a finished product, but each time I do it, I get faster and faster.  I completely understand feeling too busy to even get normal house chores done, let alone a 3 hour kitchen experiment!  The thing is, you can have time.  Maybe you can’t have as much time as me or those around you, but you can make time.  Not all fresh, made from scratch recipes are going to take hours to complete.  Some are actually quite simple and it might only involve reading a small paragraph!  If there is something you have always wanted to learn in the kitchen, research it.

Take a few minutes each day for a week just to scan/read about the recipe or technique you are interested in learning, or even print info out and keep it with you so that you can research it when you have a spare moment.  Very rarely do I just look something up and go complete it the same day.  I like to read a few different takes on a technique or recipe, maybe even watch a quick video.  Through this research process I am able to figure out just how much time it’s going to take me and then plan for a day to do it.  I’ve waited 2 weeks before trying a recipe or technique I’ve been researching!

Researching prepares you to move faster in the kitchen and to have a stronger understanding of the directions.  Researching helps you understand WHY you are doing certain things within a recipe or technique.  Knowing the whys can make all the difference.  For example, one of my repeated mistakes as a young teenager was not understanding softened butter.  Messing up this step in the cookie making process caused me to be discouraged and caused me to stop trying to make cookies for a long time.  I didn’t know that it was the butter that was messing up my cookies until I started researching about cookies and discovered a helpful chart that explained the perfect softness of butter and how to tell.

Researching helps your first attempts to have higher success rates.

You have got to start somewhere!  I encourage those people that “have no time” to try 1 new thing in the kitchen each month, just 1!  You’ll be surprised how fast your experience will start to build as the year goes by!  Why not start with this 15 minute butter making tutorial? 🙂



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