The Pampered Chef Mix N Chop

Today I wanted to quickly share one of my favorite kitchen tools for browning ground meat.  I am not one to buy those infomercial type kitchen gadgets that serve one purpose and end up being more trouble to wash than the “time they save cooking”.  (Ex. any type of onion chopper. )  That being said, one non-traditional kitchen tool I have been using for about 2 years is the Mix N Chop by Pampered Chef.  I’ve been nothing but pleased with this tool.  It is the fastest and most efficient way to chop and brown ground meat.  My favorite part is that it doesn’t require extra time to clean and actually speeds up the process of chopping up the meat to a fine consistency.

The Mix N Chop is very easy to use.  As you can see below in the photo, it has a 5 bladed star shaped end and then just a regular handle on the other end.  According to Pampered Chef, it is heat resistant up to just over 400°F.  So this is great for people that tend to walk away with a tool still in a pot or pan.  It won’t melt!

Pampered Chef is a great company to buy tools from because if something goes wrong with it they will usually replace it for free!

Here is an action shot! 🙂  Check this tool and others out at

Mix N Chop

Mix N Chop


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