Jalapeno Stuffed Grilled Chicken with Mushroom Poblano Cream Sauce


Fresh peppers are one of my favorite ingredients to use in my dishes.  Both sweet and spicy peppers can always be found in my fridge and freezer at all times.  I would call myself a pepper hoarder but I ultimately always end up using all of the peppers that I buy.  I never throw away unused peppers, I always bag them and toss them into the freezer.  When red bell peppers are on sale it’s like a mini Black Friday shopping experience.  I rush over to the crate and fill up a whole bag up as if someone is trying to beat me to the precious red bell pepper stash, though no one clearly ever is.  Anyways you get it, I love peppers.

Today I would like to share a recipe that I concocted last night that uses two of my favorite peppers: the Poblano pepper and the Jalapeno pepper.  It’s a sexy, spicy dish.  In all honesty I was not sure how this dish would turn out, but it was worth the risk of wasting beautiful peppers.  This dish turned out to be a restaurant quality delight.  I don’t mean Tex Mex restaurant quality where you just pour cheese and Rotel on top of stuff.  Don’t get me wrong I do love me some Rotel recipes but sometimes I want something that doesn’t involve cream of this or can of that.  Sometimes I just want fresh!  This sauce here ladies and gents is fresh!  The Poblano sauce is absolutely amazing and it’s incredibly easy, trust me!  It’s a sauce technique my mother taught me.  You just saute your produce, stir in heavy cream, then add a soft cheese, then BAM!  You have a sauce!  The sauce is so good I am already dreaming up what I can put it on next!  Perhaps I’ll try it on a burger, burrito, or even fish!

This dish is creamy, smoky, spicy, sweet, and addicting!


Chicken Ingredients:

– 3-4 chicken breasts

– 2 jalapenos (halved)

– 8oz package of cream cheese

Poblano Sauce Ingredients:

-2 tbsp olive oil

-4 tbsp butter

-2 sliced mushrooms

-1/4 cup diced yellow onion

-2 Poblano peppers roughly chopped into large pieces (about the size of a quarter)

-1/2 jalapeno (diced)

– heavy whipping cream

– 1/2 cup grated pepper jack cheese

– 1/4 tsp of cilantro (dried or fresh)

Marinade Ingredients:

-1/4 tsp chili powder

-1/4 tsp black pepper

-1/4 tsp garlic powder

-1/4 tsp salt

-1 tbsp olive oil


Chicken Directions 

Marinate the chicken breasts over night or for 8 hours in a Ziploc bag using the marinade ingredients.

Tenderize the chicken on both sides but do not completely flatten.

Using a small sharp knife, carefully slice each chicken breast open starting on the bottom edge.  Be careful not to cut all the way to the other edge.  When you are finished your should have a pocket structure.

Slice a generous 1 oz of cream cheese for each breast.  Place the cream cheese onto half of a jalapeno then stuff into chicken pocket cream cheese side down.  Bring the sides of the chicken back together to close the chicken pocket.  Repeat for each breast.

Grill on the top rack of your grill so that the chicken won’t burn about 350* F.  (I grilled mine over direct heat for achickongrillbout 5 minutes on each side to get nice brown crispy grill marks then I moved it to the top rack and finished cooking them on foil coated in olive oil.)  Cooking time will vary according to the weight of your chicken and temperature of your grill.

Poblano Sauce Directions

In a large skillet with a lid, saute the onions, cilantro, mushrooms, jalapenos, and Poblano peppers on medium heat until falling apart and extremely soft.  Don’t worry if you burn the edges of the peppers a little it will still taste amazing.

Once your peppers are falling apart, stir in 1/4 cup heavy whipping cream and 1/2 cup pepper jack cheese.  Stir until cheese is melted.  Check the consistency of the sauce, if it is not creamy enough add a little more cheese  If it is not runny enough then just add more heavy whipping cream.  This part of the recipe really is personal preference.

Serve immediately on top or beneath the grilled chicken.  Enjoy!

Poblano Pepper Jack Cream Sauce


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