White Cheddar, Ham, and Pepperoni Poppy Seed Crescents

You can't eat just one...

You can’t eat just one…

The word ravenous comes to mind when I think of these delicious breakfast rolls.  Ravenous.  There will be nothing left. If you prepare these for your crew, be it family or coworkers, they will swarm like McDonald’s birds going for that french fry on the ground.  Everything about this recipe is delicious, fast, and easy.  😉  From the flaky buttery crust of the homemade refrigerated store bought crescents, to the smoky ham, to the molten hot white cheddar that oozes out onto your finger tips burning your cuticles as you shovel it all in…ravenous.  Hilarity aside, this is just an alternate version of a piggy in a blanket.  Prep work is simple and so are the ingredients!


– Large can of Crescent Rolls (the biggest, thickest ones money can buy!!)

– 1 Package of White Cheddar (Aged 12-18 months, I know, I know sounds snooty but it makes a difference)

-1/2 lb Smoked Ham (deli is best, but prepackaged will do, I hear ya out here money savers!)

-Pepperoni, sliced

-1 egg, beaten for egg wash

– Poppy Seeds (these are sold by the spices, don’t give up, they are on the shelf I promise)


Preheat your oven to temp. specified on the can of Crescents.

Line a cookie sheet with parchment paper or prepare with cooking spray.  Parchment paper is God’s gift to the kitchen.

Roll out your Crescent dough to expose each triangle.  For each crescent, roll a piece of white cheddar inside a slice of ham and tuck in the edges so the cheese is trapped inside the ham.  Put a 2-3 pepperoni slices on top of the ham.   Place the rolled up ham and cheddar in each crescent and roll up.  Tuck the ends of the crescent dough under to help keep in the juices during the baking process.

Lay each crescent onto the cookie sheet.  Using a pastry brush, brush egg wash on the tops of each crescent.  Sprinkle poppy seeds on top of the egg wash.

Bake as directed on the can of Crescents.

*Warning:  As noted earlier, white cheddar is super runny when it is hot!

An Ode to White Cheddar

Oh white cheddar,

So creamy, so sharp,

Melting and flowing,

Always clogging my heart.

Fulfilling each craving,

Making mac n cheese into art.

Enjoyed with crackers, on toast,

With wine in the park.

So much cholesterol,

We alas, must part.


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